Honda presents an anti-Covid filter 4

Honda is presenting a cabin filter capable of effectively reducing the risk of infection linked to the Coronavirus in particular.

After the anti-virus mask to be installed on the front bumper of your car, Honda offers a slightly more sophisticated accessory with the anti-covid passenger compartment filter capable of capturing germs and viruses such as Covid 19.

This cabin air filter developed in collaboration with the German equipment manufacturer Freudenberg, thus has several layers to filter harmful gases and other allergens.

According to Honda, this filter would be able to trap more than 90% of viral aerosols. And would have a fourth layer impregnated with an active substance of fruit extract, making it possible to inactivate almost 100% of the germs and viruses captured.

First of its kind

For Pascal Barbat, after-sales director at Honda: ‚ÄúConsidering the fact that society is now more aware than ever of the impact of germs and viruses such as Covid-19, we expect demand for protection solutions to increase rapidly. “

This cabin filter is already marketed by Honda through its catalog of original spare parts. This is offered as an alternative to the classic pollen filter.

But we can bet that other equipment manufacturers are studying the development of this type of product. It would indeed be a good thing for competition to develop in order to reduce the cost as much as possible. Even if health is priceless.