Highway Code: validity, reform and conduct of the exam: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Having the highway code is the first step in obtaining a driving license and in being able to travel on public roads. But the validity of this code is limited in time. Explanations.

The period of validity of the highway code

The highway code has 5 years validity after its delivery following the successful completion of the theoretical test of the license examination. It means that the candidate can wait up to a maximum of 5 years before taking the practical exam. Some candidates, especially those who have not yet reached the age of majority, decide to take the theory tests and do not take the driving test immediately after. The highway code will no longer be useful after passing the driving exams which leads to obtaining a driving license. Unlike the code, the latter has no expiration date.

Examination of the Highway Code

The examination of the highway code is the theoretical test that must be passed and passed before you can take the driving test in the license test. The candidate, after having finished the 20 hours (on average) of lessons in a driving school, will receive a summons for the exam. Minor candidates have the right to take the exam, on the other hand, it is necessary to wait for the majority to be able to carry out the practical test.

If before, candidates had to be questioned directly one by one in front of an examiner, today things have changed. In an examination room, they will have a tablet and headphones or a box available. The questions will be displayed on the tablet or on the box. This is’a series of 40 multiple choice questions, and you have to choose and tick the correct answer. It should answer at least 35 of them correctly to pass this exam. For those who would be tempted to copy from their neighbor, the questions are not the same between two candidates sitting side by side.

Once the exam is finished, that is to say at the end ofan hour on average, the filled boxes or tablets are sent to the Ministry of the Interior for processing. Results will be communicated within 24 to 48 hours by email or through the driving school with which the candidate has registered. After that, the candidate having obtained the code will have free choice to take the next driving test or to wait for the next sessions. He can thus wait for another 5 years before the expiration of the code.

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