Here is the most dangerous car on the current market in the crash test 4

Avoid having a very big accident in a Mitsubishi Express.

The Mitsubishi Express is, technically, a French-made van. The Japanese utility is indeed based on our Renault Trafic, and assembled in Sandouville, at the same location as the other clones of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and its partners (Nissan NV300, Renault Trafic, Fiat Talento).

But this Mitsubishi Express, which should obviously not be confused with the last Renault Express (based on the Kangoo), is exported to Australia on the other side of the world. And there, he has just gone through the crash-test box with the local organization, ANCAP (equivalent to our Euro-NCAP). The results are not brilliant.

Zero stars!

While the organization has just tightened its rating scale, the Mitsubishi Express indeed becomes the very first car to obtain a zero star rating on a scale that has five stars. The tests carried out by the organization show weaknesses in the event of a frontal and lateral accident. Let us nevertheless make this shattering note more relatable: the measurement system is constantly adapting to the level of the latest innovations. If this measurement system had remained identical to that of ten years ago, for example, the vehicle would have obtained a significantly more favorable rating.