He turns this Mercedes S-Class wreck into a Mad Max car! 4

At a time when the new Mercedes S-Class arrives on the market with an impressive technological panoply, one of its older generations has returned from beyond to transform itself into a formidable all-terrain vehicle like the Mad Max.

Ah the USA, a country where practically anything that has 4 wheels, a flywheel and an engine can run on the road! The proof with this Mercedes S-Class from 1982 almost in the state of wreck and transformed into an impressive franchiser.

The achievement is to the credit of Bryce Ronsonet, a car enthusiast with an overflowing imagination, who did not hesitate to buy the large sedan (540 dollars, imagine its condition!) In order to transform it into a luxury car. rally. The goal is to participate in the Gambler 500 race, a rally where participants absolutely have to drive in a vehicle that would usually have no place in such a competition.

Less than 1,000 dollars

Ronsonet explains that he has restored his funny frame in just a week. He had to polish the front, add new headlights, a bumper and a custom roof rack. Not to mention the special 33-inch tires protruding widely from the wheel arches.

On the other hand, the suspension as well as the 5-cylinder turbo Diesel engine are original. In the end, between the purchase of the car and the modifications made, this Mad Max-worthy machine cost its owner $ 800. A small sum for a lot of fun!