He touched the RSA but drove a Porsche Panamera 4

The 36-year-old Porsche Panamera driver was driving in Brittany with a car with false plates and without insurance, but he received the RSA every month. He has just taken two years in prison.

It all started with a police check on a parking lot in Quimperlé in Finistère. The 36-year-old driver of a Porsche Panamera cannot explain to officers why he is driving with fake license plates and without insurance. Placed in pre-trial detention and suspected of trafficking and fraud, the man has just gone to court.

Before the judges, he first explained that he did not own the car, then that he had paid around € 15,000 for it with his savings. Accused in particular of activity of illicit sale of vehicles, he declared no work and received each month 480 € of RSA (Revenu de Solidarité Active).

Two years in prison

The court sentenced him to two years in prison, taking into account that his criminal record already contained 18 entries, four of which were for drug trafficking.

Via Actu.fr