Arrested by the police during a simple routine check, the 36-year-old driver was finally sentenced to 2 years in prison.

A simple police check can sometimes have serious consequences. This is what happened to a driver of Porsche Panamera in a parking lot in Quimperlé, in Finistère (29).

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He did not convince the police officers

Controlled by the police, the man in question fails at first to explain to the officers why he is driving with fake license plates and without insurance. The police have no idea that the individual behind the wheel of the luxury German sedan is unemployed and makes a living from RSA. With less than 600 euros per month, it is difficult to afford a Panamera … the price of which is around 95,000 € new.

He receives 2 years in prison

Following his arrest, the man was remanded in custody on suspicion of traffic and offraud. In front of the court and the judges, he first explained that he did not own the car, then that he paid for it around € 15,000 thanks to his savings. An assertion that has not convinced anyone: such a used vehicle is indeed negotiated in the € 50,000, which remains inaccessible for any individual touching the RSA.

Accused in particular ofillicit vehicle sales activity, the court sentenced him to two years in prison, taking into account that his criminal record already bore 18 mentions including four for drug trafficking.

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