He finds a Ferrari F50 in a sea container… 16 years after being stolen !: Models, tests, reviews and videos 4

In 2019, US Customs got the attention of a Ferrari F50 in a sea container. Their questionable chassis number put them on the trail of a theft … in 2003!

Customs officers at the Port of Buffalo, State of New York, couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered a Ferrari F50 in a container. Imported from Canada, it caught their attention because of insert rivets and chassis number too recent. A phone call to Ferrari in Italy made them realize that the car had been stolen in Italy… in 2003 !

The court will have to decide!

The problem is that the car had just been bought by Mohamed Alsaloussi, a American collector, to a Canadian merchant. This one paid one million dollars to afford the car of his dreams and claims to have bought it in good faith. The car’s Italian owner and the American are both vying for ownership of this estimated € 1.6 million F50, which is unclear how it got to the Americas without raising public awareness. suspicion. It is therefore an American court that will have to decide. In the meantime, the car is stored in a shed and it may well need a lot of maintenance before hitting the road.

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