How much does it cost to repair an $ 18 million fighter plane?

This strange story comes to us from Ukraine, and more precisely from the Vasylkiv military base near Kiev. Not much is known about the profile of the driver involved, only that he was driving a Volkswagen Touran minivan under the influence of alcohol within the military base.

While driving in a hangar intended for the maintenance of fighter planes, he quite simply collided with a Mig-29 stored in the building. And not just a little: the German minivan is totally destroyed, while the plane was crushed at the rear engines.

Good for wrecking fighter jets?

Based on comments from the incident, the Mig-29 may not be repairable. Knowing that a copy of the plane still costs more than $ 18 million on the military weapons market, it is hoped that the man behind the wheel of the Volkswagen Touran had good insurance. The latter risks spending a long time in prison due to his little mistake.