There are some who do not really doubt anything. After stealing a McLaren, a Briton immediately went to a dealership to have the locks changed. The rest, we know it …

Idiots (to be polite), that dares everything. This is how we recognize them. In the United Kingdom, in the city of Birmingham, a man did very hard. We say that The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable. But there it was really too big.

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To sum up: our friend decides to “car-jack” a Mclaren 570S orange. And he succeeds. Until then, a crime like any other, you will tell me. Except that this Sunday thief believed he could erase the traces of his misdeed by changing the locks of the stolen car.

A stolen McLaren quickly recovered

Not afraid of anything, the rogue therefore goes to the local concession and asks to change the locks of the beautiful orange. In front of the mechanic, the rascal introduces himself as the owner of the vehicle. Obviously, his lie is directly recognized by the owner, especially since the car is already listed as being stolen!

It does not take more for the police to find the thug and make him spend a short stay in the shade. West Midlands Police broadcast a tweet, history of dissuading the smart ones thinking of pilfering a prestigious car like a vulgar lollipop: “Planning to steal a supercar over £ 200,000? Think twice! “

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