Have you ever seen a 103,000 horsepower diesel? 4

The Evergreen container ship, which became famous for its majestic crash in the Suez Canal, had one of these giant engines with tremendous power.

In the fabulous world of heavy transport on the high seas, piston engines are used that work on the same basic principle as those in your car. Except that the size of these engines is more of the building than the small compact block found under the hood of an automobile.

TheEver Given, this famous giant Evergreen container ship which has become famous for having blocked the entire Suez Canal for a week, has a diesel designed by Man B&W capable of developing around 79,500 horsepower. This two-stroke with eleven cylinders in line is big, but Man also offers an even more powerful block of 103,000 horsepower which operates at only 80 revolutions / minute, whose pistons follow a course of 3.4 meters for a bore of 0, 95 meters. This engine is installed in the MSC Jade container ship.

World record at 108,920 horsepower

But it is still not the biggest engine in the world: this title goes to the Finnish manufacturer Wartsila with its diesel of more than 2000 tons, a displacement of 25,480 liters and a maximum power of 108,920 horses. Operating at 102 rpm and consuming 6,000 liters of diesel per hour, the RTA96-C is also intended for giant container ships.