As every year, AXA carries out a study on our driving behavior. And obviously, the health crisis has been beneficial since the behavior of motorists has improved.

In 2020, 53% of French people turned out to be “good drivers”. These figures, in clear improvement, were revealed by AXA. Each year, the group specializing in insurance carries out a study to find out how French road behavior changes.

The health crisis would have had a rather positive effect on our driving behavior. The French would be more careful than in 2019: 74% of them drive 10 to 20 km / h above the authorized speed, regardless of the type of road used, against 81% the previous year. In town, the observation is the same : 27% drive at 65 km / h on average, this is the lowest rate recorded in the barometer for 17 years.

Phone use while driving persists

It is a real scourge, and for him the health crisis has had no effect. 69% of French people continue to use their phones while driving, i.e. 1% less than in 2019. However, two-wheeler riders are starting to understand the lesson: only 11% make calls while driving.

An even more worrying finding on the side of scooters who would be nearly 70% to use their phone on the handlebars.