Guess who forgot to wake up on the roof of this 4x4 4

This cat did not feel the start of the big 4×4 on which he was napping. As a result, he found himself embarked on an uncomfortable trip to say the least.

It is well known that cats love to sleep on the hood of cars. Especially in winter, when the engine is still warm and allows the animal to find an optimal temperature for its nap.

This Thai cat, he preferred to opt for the roof of a big white SUV: no need to warm up in a country known for its mild temperatures all year round. On the other hand, he was not even awakened when the driver started the car. As a result, he found himself embarked on a totally unforeseen trip.

Return five minutes later

Five minutes later, the SUV returns to the garage. The cat is still there, but much less serene than at the start. Once the car is in the garage at low speed, he hurries to jump on dry land. We will not take it again …