Going into 1st gear at 130 km / h in a Citroën Saxo, what's it like? 4

As you can imagine, shifting into first gear on a city car at 130 km / h does not do the engine any good.

Certainly, some very powerful sports cars have a rather long box staging. At the wheel of some Lamborghinis and other Ferraris, the first gear can go well beyond 100 km / hour.

But on a modest city car like the Citroën Saxo, 130 km / h can only be achieved on the last reports of the gearbox. And the car is really not designed to withstand high speeds in the first gearboxes.

What does it do ?

The Vilebrequin Youtubers still wanted to see what it could do: they shifted into first gear behind the wheel of a Citroën Saxo at 130 km / h. Unsurprisingly, the engine revs to unreasonable proportions. And an autopsy of this poor engine will show very large damage after this daring maneuver …