Initially presented as a pickup, the new GMC Hummer EV will also be available in an SUV version, which will be unveiled on April 3, 2021.

The brand Hummer (for High-Utility Maximum Mobility Easy Rider) was born in 1992 with the marketing of an imposing vehicle: the Hummer H1, a civilian version of the Humvee of the American army. The concept was developed by General Motors with the H2 and H3, before abandoning the brand in 2010.

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GMC Hummer EV (2021): here it is

Ten years later, the American manufacturer relaunched the mastodon under the GMC brand, with the GMC Hummer EV, a 100% electric pick-up presented on the occasion of the Super Bowl 2020, and which is expected to be marketed at thefall 2021.

GMC Hummer EV SUV: presentation April 3, 2021

In a video recently posted on its YouTube channel, GMC is already announcing a new version of the new Hummer EV: an SUV version, which will be unveiled on April 3, 2021. If no additional information has been disclosed during this teaser, this SUV version should be very close to the pick-up, with its imposing front face and four-wheel steering, allowing it to move diagonally with an unusual “crab mode”.

We should also find its three electric motors delivering a total of 1,014 horsepower and 15,592 Nm of torque, and powered by a battery offering over 560 km of range on one charge. On the pick-up, the performance is quite impressive for such a size, with a 0 to 96 km / h (60 mph) swallowed in just 3 seconds: enough to stand up to many supercars …

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