In a still very specific context, made up of curfews and confinement on weekends, road mortality fell again in February 2021.

After the very good results recorded in 2020 (700 fewer deaths than in 2019, a decrease of 21.4%), the year 2021 starts on the same basis. Indeed, after a record drop of 35.6% recorded in January of this year, the trend is confirmed for the month of February.

The decline continues in February

With the establishment of a curfew, associated with the establishment of weekend containment in certain regions, or even the reduction of trips from home to work, the French travel less and less and by necessity, are therefore less and less numerous on the roads (-10% of traffic at the beginning of February 2021 according to Cerema).

Despite this, 175 people were still killed on the roads of France in February 2021, against 220 in 2020 (down 20%). Until today, the lowest figure had been recorded in 2012 and 2017. It was then 204. Unfortunately, this decrease mainly concerns cars, because at the same time, road fatalities for motorcyclists remain at low levels. fairly high levels (32 deaths in February 2021, compared to 40 in 2020).