A moment of inattention quickly arrives: using the wrong fuel when refueling is a common mistake, which can however affect the smooth running of your car … Find out how.

Fuel error: gasoline instead of diesel

Filling a gasoline tank if your vehicle runs on diesel fuel is a fairly serious mistake: indeed, the detergent properties of gasoline can seriously damage the injection system a Diesel engine, which needs diesel fuel and its lubricating properties. Note that there is a maximum rate of gasoline that you can afford to mix with diesel: however, the margin of error is only 3% for recent common rail engines (TDI, HDi, dCi … ), and 10 to 15% for older models.

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Fuel error: Diesel instead of gasoline

This second category of error is a little less risky. However, it is of course not recommended to use diesel fuel in the tank of a petrol vehicle. Here too, a maximum error rate is allowed, of the order of 10%. But the consequences: jerks, abnormal smoke, can also damage your mechanics. Foolproof systems (larger diameter gun) exist, however, to prevent diesel from being poured into the tank of a gasoline car.

Fuel error: what to do?

If you realize your mistake, or have already left and start to notice abnormal phenomena, do not take the risk. Immediately shut down your engine so as not to risk damaging it, and call a repairman. A garage can then drain your tank, so that it can receive the correct fuel again.

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