For the French gendarmes, it’s time to say goodbye to the famous Renault Megane RS …

If you speed excessively on a French motorway, it was until now most often a Renault Megane RS that came to intercept you. But you know, the National Gendarmerie has just ordered new sports cars to replace its now aging Megane RS. And the Seat Leon Cupra are starting to arrive at the brigades specializing in the interception of speeding tickets.

This is the case of the departmental road safety squadron of Côtes d’Armor, now equipped with a Seat Leon Cupra which takes up the torch of the Megane RS.

300 horsepower

Recall that the Spanish sports car has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 2.0 liters of displacement, capable of delivering up to 300 horsepower depending on the version. Compared to the old Megane RS, the Seat has the practical advantage of having five doors instead of three. She also walks a little harder in a straight line, even though the Frenchwoman was already accelerating hard enough to easily catch up with the cars.