Do you want to buy a used vehicle in Belgium, but you do not know how to import and register it in France? Let’s take stock of the necessary formalities.

If you are looking for a specific model of used car, you might be tempted to look across the border, and buy a vehicle from Belgium. Indeed, the announcements are also numerous in the flat country, with good business at stake. However, importing a vehicle of Belgian origin and obtaining its registration in France requires several compulsory formalities, which are not easy … Here are our tips for not forgetting anything!

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Car import from Belgium: the Belgian license plate

First of all, be aware that Belgian number plates (with red letters on a white background) are attributed to the Belgian owner of the vehicle, and that as a French buyer, you cannot use them to drive your future car to France. To do this, you must request a temporary registration transit in Brussels to the DIV, the Vehicle Registration Directorate, or you can more simply repatriate the vehicle on a trailer or flatbed truck, without additional steps.

The Belgian export plate, with white letters on a red background and starting with the letter X, is valid for 30 days and will be issued to you against payment of the sum of € 75, and the provision of a certificate of term insurance, which you will have previously taken out.

Car import from Belgium: documents to ask the seller

Check that the Belgian seller provides you with the following documents : registration certificate (both parts, if applicable), the second-hand technical inspection certificate, the sales contract or transfer certificate, or the CarPass (optional) which is a certified history of the vehicle’s mileage. Please note: depending on the region of origin of the seller, documents may be drawn up in Dutch. It will then be necessary to have a translation carried out by a certified translator, in order to be able to use them in France.

In addition to these documents, to put the odds on your side, do not hesitate to have the seller complete and sign a French vehicle transfer certificate : the famous Cerfa n ° 15776, which will facilitate the procedures with the French administration.

Car import from Belgium: the manufacturer’s certificate of conformity

You must also obtain a European certificate of conformity (COC), which certifies that the vehicle has been approved by the manufacturer for circulation in the European Union. If the seller does not have it, you can order it from the manufacturer, or with the help of a company specializing in this procedure, which you can for example find on the internet.

Car import from Belgium: tax clearance

The tax clearance is a document that you will need to obtain from the tax office at your place of residence, which certifies that the vehicle is in good standing with regard to VAT. You must provide the documents mentioned in the previous points, as well as proof of address and your identity document.

Car import from Belgium: temporary registration or WW plate

If you need to travel in France with the vehicle, you must request a provisional registration certificate (CPI) : to do this, go to the website of theANTS (National Agency for Secured Titles). You will be assigned a provisional registration number starting with WW, valid for four months, which you can affix on the first French registration plates of your new car, the time to complete the final administrative procedures.

Car import from Belgium: auto insurance

If you have not already done so, know that you must subscribe to a Car Insurance, before putting your new car on the road in France. All risks, third party, with options: it’s up to you to choose your coverage according to your budget and your needs, but note that third party liability insurance is the minimum required to be in good standing.

Car import from Belgium: technical control

Once in France, you must pass a new technical control to your car, in the center of your choice. Don’t panic: if the Belgian technical inspection of the car has been carried out, there should be no risk of a second visit in France either. Remember to bring the registration certificate of the car, foreign certificates are accepted for this process. The technical inspection is valid for two years.

Car import from Belgium: the final French registration

The final step in your adventure will be to permanently register your new used car in France. This formality is always carried out on the ANTS website, where you can request a final gray card French. The procedures are carried out as for a French vehicle, but you will also be asked for the famous tax discharge. You will be liable for the payment of a registration tax, the amount of which will depend on the characteristics of your car (particularly fiscal power), as well as on your department of residence.

If you have administrative phobia, you can use a company specializing in gray card procedures. Most garages as well as auto centers are also approved to carry out the procedures for you, by signing a mandate to carry out registration formalities (Cerfa n ° 13757 * 03). To avoid any scams, check if the chosen company is approved for the registration process. on the ANTS website.

The final registration certificate (or registration certificate) of your car will be sent to you by La Poste, within a few weeks. Patience, you will be able very soon to put the final number plates of your car, and to benefit from it!

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