The Mansory tuner has taken on the Ford GT again, with a second edition of the “Le Mansory”, which radically transforms the American supercar with a particularly extravagant look.

To celebrate his 30th birthday in 2020, the German trainer Mansory had announced that he would transform three copies of the Ford GT, with a complete preparation including in particular an engine preparation, as well as a carbon fiber body with original lines. Last summer, riding the wave of LaFerrari and others The Black Car, the first opus of the “Le Mansory” was born, in a blue livery contrasting with carbon fiber elements, in a style that will not necessarily please everyone …

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Today, Mansory puts the cover back and presents its second iteration of the “Le Mansory”: it has the same characteristics as the first version, with a body entirely in carbon fiber, new headlights at the front, a imposing rear spoiler accompanied by a triple tailpipe, all in a livery alternating black, carbon fiber elements, as well as red accents. Thus equipped, the original Ford GT is unrecognizable.

Ford GT (2021) Le Mansory: an EcoBoost V6 pumped up to 710 horsepower

Same spirit inside, with trim panels as well as seat upholstery alternating red and gray Alcantara, as well as an imposing embroidery of the “Le Mansory” logo on the door sills, which is found also on the headrests.

At the mechanical level, the Ford V6 EcoBoost block was inflated to 710 horsepower and 840 Nm of torque, an increase of 54 horsepower and 95 Nm of torque compared to the standard engine. The top speed has been increased to 354 km / h, a slight increase compared to the standard version, which has a top speed of 347 km / h.

Just like the first opus of “Le Mansory”, this second edition is also marketed for the modest sum of … 1.8 million euros. A third exclusive Ford GT livery prepared by Mansory is expected to be unveiled at a later date.

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