For Lamborghini, acceleration and speed become secondary 4

A page turns for Lamborghini. The Italian supercar manufacturer announces that a model’s handling is now the benchmark for judging its performance.

We can imagine the situation perfectly… At the launch of the Huracan STO, the new boss of Lamborghini for Asia-Pacific, Francesco Scardaoni, announced to our Australian colleagues from Car Advice that acceleration and top speed are not more important than before when judging a supercar. Now it’s handling that matters.

“If you go back 10 years, probably I would have told you that the parameters to measure a model’s performance are top speed, acceleration – and then – handling.
But over time, top speed has become a secondary measure, and acceleration the main one. What really makes the difference now is the handling of the car, the handling ”he declared.


A journalist must have teased Mr. Scardaoni by comparing the accelerations of the new Taurus presented for the occasion, with that of the last 100% electric models launched on the market. And it is true that with their maximum torque immediately delivered, some are establishing themselves as the new references in the field.

The Tesla Model S Plaid + for example announces a 0 to 100 in 2.1s. In the upper category, the Rimac C_Two and the Pininfarina Battista even manage to fall under the legendary 2 seconds stopwatch. While the Huracan STO and its atmospheric 630 hp V10 – 5.2 only performs the exercise in 3 seconds. Yet it is the most turbulent of the range …

Francesco Scardaoni had indeed explained: “After all, it’s easy for automakers to brag about how fast a car is. That it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in a straight line. But it still has to be fun to drive at high speed.
Because when you have good acceleration but the car is heavy to steer, heavy to handle, you can’t have that pleasure of driving really fast.
For sure now, handling is in our opinion the number one priority for a manufacturer, especially a manufacturer like Lamborghini. “

There are obviously many truths in this speech. But also a bit of bitterness obviously. Although all this should not prevent Mr Scardaoni from sleeping peacefully knowing that none of these brands will ever achieve Lamborghini status in the supercar world.