Finally the miracle solution against used car fraud? 4

The famous counter fraud, soon to be history? Thanks to a new tool implemented by the state, fraud will become easier to detect on used cars.

It’s a trick as old as the world: tampering with the odometer of your car before a resale, in order to reduce the mileage displayed and, thus, fraudulently increase its residual value. The problem of tampered meters remains important in the second-hand market, where it is sometimes difficult to obtain a complete history of the car.

But thanks to an evolution of the site Histovec, set up by the Ministry of the Interior in order to fight against this kind of fraud, it will become much easier to verify the reality of the mileage displayed by a car. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to the referencing of all the examinations of the technical control of French vehicles.

Watch out for imports

With this technical development, meter traffic scams are becoming much easier to spot: all you have to do is ask the seller for the link to Histovec’s database on the history of your vehicle. If the latter tampered with a meter after a technical check, the manipulation will be seen immediately. Be careful though, because Histovec can do nothing against foreign vehicles (not referenced in its database). Be careful with models imported from other countries, or with insufficiently documented history.