Fiat celebrates an important milestone in the production of the Fiat 500: 2.5 million units have been manufactured at the Stellantis plant in Tychy, Poland.

If since the launch of the first generation in 1957 more than 6.7 million Fiat 500s have been sold worldwide, the contemporary Fiat 500 is made in Poland since 2007, within the Stellantis factory (formerly FCA) in Tychy. The 2.5 millionth unit has just rolled off the production lines of the group’s Polish plant: a red Pasodoble Fiat 500 Dolcevita Hybrid, whose Mild Hybrid engine was launched last year on the 500 and Panda ranges.

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To date, these are therefore 2.5 million copies of the Fiat 500 which were produced at Tychy: the 500 is now the model which has been produced the most in this factory, ahead of the second generation Panda (2.17 million units) and the Fiat 126P of the 1970s ( 2.17 million copies).

Since its launch in 2007, the contemporary Fiat 500 has been a real success around the world: it is indeed sold in more than 100 markets international, of which nearly 80% outside Italy, and obtained around sixty prizes including that of the 2008 Car of the Year. And in 2020, the Fiat 500 continues to lead its segment in Europe, with a 17.7% market share, breaking historic records.

However, a new generation has just appeared: the last 100% electric Fiat 500 is now manufactured in Italy, at the Fiat Mirafiori plant in Turin. The previous generation will still be on sale for now, as long as there is still demand for thermal engines.

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