Ferrari has largely revised its copy for 2021, to try to forget a disastrous 2020 season.

Ferrari does not hide its face, 2020 has been a desaster. With an engine that became the worst off the grid after sanctions remained secret, and a hard-to-drive single-seater, the Scuderia had to rely on the few highlights from its star Charles Leclerc to get on the podium. The results are tough: in the championship, the most famous of the teams finished sixth, behind much smaller structures like Racing Point or Renault, now Aston Martin and Alpine.

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The Grand Prix at Imola in 2020

Ferrari SF21: on the new aero side

There is therefore no question of continuing this momentum in 2021. Where the competitors have largely maintained their cars last year, regulatory stability requires, Ferrari has put double bites. Under a livery which evolves slightly, we discover so many new technical details. Let’s start at the front, with a very worked nose. It remains wide (one of the last on the field), but its point of attachment to the fin is more complex, with “nostrils” like a Red Bull.

Higher up, we discover fins, at the front suspension. Ferrari has taken care of the details: this is also apparent in the aerodynamic treatment on-board cameras, around the central air intake. The pontoons are now narrower, and follow the shape of the radiators.

A revised engine for the Ferrari SF21 single-seater

But the biggest change has to be under the hood. Ferrari announces great progress in the engine, which could therefore return to the level. It is whispered that the flagrant loss of power of the Italian block in 2020 would have been due to a special punishment inflicted on the Scuderia, punishment which would be lifted for 2021. If this is indeed the case, Ferrari could resume its place in the fight with Red Bull, even if it is difficult to imagine the reds dethrone Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. This revised engine should also benefit other stables who are equipped with it, Alfa Romeo and Haas. These two teams had suffered greatly from the loss of horses in 2020.

The feeling at Ferrari is therefore cautious optimism for this 2021 season. We will have to wait for the winter tests, scheduled for March 12 to 14, to have the first elements of an answer.

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