This is precisely the worst situation in which you can find yourself behind the wheel of your Ferrari F40.

Everyone dreams of driving a Ferrari F40 at least once in their life. Why ? Because this supercar is still considered today as one of the most legendary of all time, but also one of the most brutal.

Video of the F40 trapped in the city

With its very little progressive twin-turbo V8 and its delicate handling manual gearbox, it does not tolerate any approximation. It does not have power steering or air conditioning on board, much less ABS or driving aids. And now imagine finding yourself in this auto in a huge traffic jam in the city, in full sun. Imagine your shirt getting wet, your left foot getting tired with each restart, your arms getting sore from turning the steering wheel at low speed.

Trapped in Monaco

And yet, the driver of this F40 lost in a traffic jam at least has the advantage of being in Monaco: at least, he will not have any big speed bumps to cross at the risk of damaging his Italian sports car. And it also escapes the rain, an absolutely unmanageable parameter on the road in F40 …