Fast & Furious 5's 1963 Corvette Grand Sport up for auction 4

The superb replica of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport featured in Fast & Furious 5 is on sale. And it is in very good condition for a car that jumped off a train and then off a cliff.

Details of the announcement on VoloCars indicate that there were 12 replica Corvette Grand Sport built by Mongoose Motorsports for the film. Only three are said to have survived and apparently this one is “the prettiest of the three” and was mounted on a special platform in front of a green screen throughout filming. In fact, we say that it is the car in which Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have spent the most time. The movie car in question is powered by a GM 380-horsepower V8 that is paired with an automatic transmission. The car sits on a tubular chassis and has the suspension of a Corvette C4.

Interestingly, Mongoose Motorsports is licensed by General Motors to build replicas of the original 1963 Corvette Grand Sport and sell them for approximately $ 85,000 without engine or transmission. It is expensive for a car unable to move around, but it is the price to pay for a legend of Hollywood cinema.

At what price ?

While movie cars are often destroyed and left in ruins after filming, this car appears to have been well maintained. Suffice to say that if it were driven on the road, it would certainly attract a lot of patients’ attention. As with most replicas, the interior is fairly basic and features simple analog gauges, a three-spoke steering wheel, leather-wrapped seats, a gear lever, and a fire extinguisher.

VoloCars will sell the Fast & Furious 5 car without a reserve price in an online auction from April 14-21. If you are a fan of Corvette or the Fast & Furious saga, you know what you have to do.