Over time, the cloth seats in your car can accumulate all kinds of dirt and stains, especially if you have children or pets … A cleaning is in order!

Simple methods to remove stains

To clean its fabric seats in depth, there are several accessible methods to overcome embedded tasks, liquid or from fat for example. Unlike leather, fabric of your seats is not a waterproof material and stains will more easily penetrate inside the textile fibers, so it is sometimes necessary to clean them thoroughly!

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If you have fabric car seats, you can do this in several ways with products from home: White vinegar, ammonia, soda ash, the baking soda, sparkling water, or even dishwashing liquid for example … Another method is to use detergents, more powerful, directly bought in the trade.

Also remember to spend regularly vacuuming to remove all the crumbs and dust that can quickly accumulate!

Regularly clean your fabric seats to avoid odors

Dust, bread crumbs, stains from drinks or grease … If nothing is done, you can quickly have bad smellsthat will permeate your interior! Once the odors remain lasting, it is all the more difficult to get them out …

Needless to say, these smells will be very unseemly for you. But if you also have to transport a colleague or a loved one, you might as well prevent them from feeling like they are in a dirty car.

To remove bad odors, you must absolutely avoid using products that only allow you to camouflage the smell for a certain time. By doing this, you are not tackling the source of the problem, quite the contrary!

Steam cleaning for optimal results

Use the steam is a great way to deep clean your fabric seats and give them back a appearance close to the first days. Investing in a steam machine can be expensive but you can make other uses of it for your home: washing windows, washing tiles, or even your sofas … It is therefore a double investment!

A regular washing steam cleans thoroughly and ensures clean fabrics and one healthy interior for your vehicle.

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