With 27 turns and an average speed of over 250 km / h, the Jeddah circuit promises to be spectacular.

Despite the controversies, Formula 1 will settle well in Saudi Arabia this year. After the Dakar and Formula E, the kingdom continues to develop its sports attractions, and unveils the very last F1 circuit, in the city of Jeddah.

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Another city circuit with similar bends, like in Russia or Abu Dhabi? This is the pitfall that the usual designer of F1 circuits, Herman Tilke, wanted to avoid with this track in Jeddah. He is certainly in town, and therefore with very limited clearances, but it is also announced extremely fast, with average speeds expected at more than 250 km / h. In fact, we only see very few slow turns, but several long straights and very fast series of turns.

Difficult to overtake?

What to promise qimpressive ualifications, but also pose some problems in the race. The track is also rather narrow, and reminds of the last sector of the Azerbaijan circuit. So difficult to stay in contact with a car in front, especially since we see very few opportunities to overtake. But for the moment we only have a simulated on-board camera video, so we will have to wait for the race itself, scheduled early December, to get an opinion.

On the other hand, F1 has still not succeeded in convincing the detractors of Grand Prix planned in this country with a sulphurous reputation with regard to Human Rights. During the recent Formula E race in the streets of Diriyah, near the capital Riyadh, missiles were intercepted during the e-Prix.

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