What if you got stuck in traffic while driving after curfew started? According to the Ministry of the Interior, you are liable to a fine.

Since October, France has been living with a curfew that prohibits all travel from evening until morning (to limit the spread of the coronavirus). Since the start of 2021, this curfew has been extending from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. throughout the territory.

But as we have seen, the implementation of this curfew generates new traffic jams at unprecedented times (since motorists anticipate or modify their trips according to the times of this curfew). All the more so during the school holidays, when the French often go on a trip to the mountains. So what if you are still stuck in your car due to traffic jams by the time the curfew takes place? The Ministry of the Interior has just given the answer to this question during a radio interview on the subject of travel related to school holidays: “Vacationers stuck in traffic after 6 pm will be fined. It is up to them to find out about the traffic conditions before leaving to be sure to arrive before 6 pm ”.

No excuse

In short, you have been warned: traffic jams are not an excuse during curfew. However, it should be remembered that journeys linked to professional activity are exempt from this ban on driving during the curfew.