End clap for the Renault Twingo 4

The current boss of Renault, Luca de Meo has just confirmed the stop of production of the Twingo. This third generation will therefore be the last. The manufacturer is also abandoning the A segment of small city cars.

Impossible not to cross her on the roads. Launched for the first time in 1993, Renault has just said goodbye to its Twingo. Luca de Meo will not renew the production of the small city star. In question, the end of a mutualisation of production with the manufacturer Daimler.

I consider it a shame to abandon this type of vehicle, but small thermal cars will disappear because of the rules of the game “Said the boss of the diamond brand. The new European standards are also responsible for the disappearance of this model. As a reminder, by 2030 the EU plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 55%. An unthinkable cost to meet regulatory expectations, especially if Daimler is no longer included in the project …

The R5 to succeed it

After several years of absence, the Renault 5 is back on the road. During the announcements of his recovery plan for the “Renaulution” Luca de Meo did not fail to confirm that the city car of the 80s will make a comeback, electrified in 2025.

Its price should be similar to that of the Twingo, around 20,000 euros, knowing that an electric Twingo sells for 21,350 euros today. Dacia is expected to take over from the Twingo with its new urban SUV, the Spring. For the price, it should not exceed 20,000 euros.