It will soon no longer be possible to charge your vehicle for free. A measure that may offend the many users of electric cars already worried about the many problems on the charging station networks.

Available in shopping centers, these charging stations offered their service free of charge to owners of electric and hybrid vehicles. And that is likely to change. According to our colleagues from the newspaper Challenges, the network of 21 Westfield shopping centers has just made the decision to stop providing free charging stations.

Same pattern for Auchan and Ikea. The partnership between Nissan and the two major brands has come to an end. Due to this decision, it will also no longer be possible to charge your vehicle for free.

Reloading your vehicle: always more restrictive

Westfield has just signed a contract with specialist Izivia. Still according to Challenges, if you want to recharge your car it will take 0.25 euros / kWh. A price twice as high as when recharging at home.

49% of French people still have a “big blockage” with the terminals. This is a new disappointment which is added to the many dysfunctions present on the network.

As a reminder, there are currently nearly 30,000 charging stations in France. To alleviate these inconveniences, the government affirmed that France would have 100,000 terminals by 2021. A step towards electrification which nevertheless risks finding an obstacle with the cost of recharging and the multiplication of operators.