In the first quarter of 2021, plug-in hybrid cars and 100% electric represented a total of 64,771 sales, or a market share in France of 14%.

The first quarter of 2021 is coming to an end, the opportunity to take stock of car sales in France. After a month of January and February marked by a downturn in the French automotive market, the month of March was beneficial for sales, and in particular of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, who have been successful.

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Indeed, from January to March 2021, 30,489 units of private electric vehicles and 2,821 units of utility electric vehicles were sold, as well as 31,461 units of plug-in hybrid models. In total, it is not less than 64,771 units electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles which found buyers in the first quarter of 2021, representing a total of 14% of the French market (compared to 11.2% in 2020).

Electrified cars: the acclaimed French brands

In the podium for 100% electric models the most sold, we find the Tesla Model 3, the Peugeot e-208, or the Renault ZOE. As to plug-in hybrid models, the leading trio is made up of the Peugeot 3008, Renault Captur and Citroën C5 Aircross, closely followed by the Mercedes GLC, DS 7 Crossback, Mercedes GLA and other Volvo XC40s. Unsurprisingly, the most popular models are the cars of French brands : Peugeot, Citroën and Renault in the lead.

A trend to compare with those, much more marginal, electric buses (163 sales in the first quarter of 2021), electric trucks (3 units) or hydrogen models (4 units sold since the start of the year). Electric two-wheelers represented 4,172 sales in the first quarter of 2021.

Source: CCFA, Avere-France, AAA Data

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