A survey reveals the concerns of the French about the switch to electric.

Are you ready to go all-electric on your daily commute? This is the question asked by Continental, the tire manufacturer, in a study carried out in 5 countries including France. And the answer is mostly “no”: 57% of French people do not feel ready to take the plunge. And among the 5 countries surveyed (Germany, France, Japan, United States, China), France is the second most reluctant, after Germany. China is ready to go electric: alone 12% of Chinese questioned still say they are resistant to all electric.

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The purchase price, the main obstacle in France

In the other four countries surveyed, including France, around half of the population questioned still has doubts. But the reasons for this refusal of electricity are different from one country to another. In France, the high price of battery-powered cars is cited as the main blockage (55%), far ahead autonomy concerns (28%). This fear of “running out”, often pointed out, is even in last position among the various reasons for not adopting electricity in France!

On the other hand, the lack of charging stations remains a significant problem for 49% of French respondents, but is the main blockage in the other countries surveyed. A lack of infrastructure which therefore becomes crucial to fill, if the various governments remain on their steps to ban thermal energy by 2030-2035.

Source: Continental

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