These clothes are covered with a layer of algae, which absorbs CO2.

What if we could absorb the CO2 emissions from our cars thanks to … A t-shirt? This is the idea put forward by the DS brand, which decided to participate in the Paris Fashion Week with a collection of clothes supposed to absorb carbon dioxide thanks to a special layer of algae integrated into the fabric.

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These four pieces, a bomber jacket, a trench coat and two t-shirts, absorbed together nearly 1,500 g of CO2 during the 10 weeks that were necessary for their creation. It is, according to DS, the equivalent of work of an oak for 6 months.

Green fabrics in our cars?

Designed in partnership with the EGONlab label and the British research center Post Carbon Lab, these clothes should remain unique pieces. But who knows, maybe one day we will be able to put on special jeans to neutralize the emissions of our cabriolet ride? Equipping car interiors with this material could also make lower their environmental impact, although DS does not specify if this project is under study.

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