Drunk, the policeman causes an accident and pushes his girlfriend to quit 4

By driving a vehicle of the prefecture drunk, this policeman managed to ruin two careers: his own and that of his wife, the prefect of Eure-et-Loire.

On November 17, 2020, a vehicle belonging to the prefecture of Eure-et-Loire causes a road accident. Its driver then fled, pursued by the police. Once caught, the man is tested for alcohol and drug use. He is also being prosecuted for endangering the lives of others by deliberate violation, as well as “lack of control”.

But the driver in question, a police officer from the DGSI, is also the companion of the preferred Eure-et-Loire Fadela Benrabia. And he was driving a prefecture vehicle.

Resignation of the prefect

As a result, the prefect chose to resign after this particularly embarrassing private affair. As for the police officer, he will come before the Nanterre court on May 4.