For those looking for a 911 with a bit more aggression and brutality, the TechArt GTstreetR could be the perfect car.

Unveiled by the tuner a few years ago, the GTstreetR benefits from a host of modifications that not only change its appearance but also improve performance. This particular copy is truly special, as this video demonstrates. A handful of engine modifications were installed on the GTstreetR. Starting with the one that increases the power of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo Flat-6 of the 911 Turbo type 991 to 600 horsepower. If that’s not enough, TechArt also offers a kit offering 640 horsepower or even 720 horsepower. And there, the 911 Turbo turns into a war machine.

Buyers of a TechArt GTstreetR can also opt for a special VarioPlus suspension system with PDDC connectivity and a lift system to raise the front of the car when needed. The example shown in this video also has a new sports exhaust system with carbon fiber end caps and a valve that optimizes the sound according to the engine speed.

A little look?

The brutality of this 911 is not measured only with its engine. There is also the body kit. The owner of this car is clearly not afraid of going “too much”. He opted for almost all of the add-ons available.

These include a carbon fiber rear spoiler, new specific rims, different front and rear bumpers., some additional air intakes on the front fenders, widened wheel arches and small aerodynamic appendages all over the place. There is also a new hood which makes the car even more aggressive. In short, the car has enough to convince those who like brutality and aggression.