Driving a car without a license: legal age: models, tests, reviews and videos 4

Practical in town, unlicensed cars invade the streets. Adolescents and adults, all get down to it to be able to slip through or park easily. However, be aware that there is an age limit for driving this type of vehicle.

Cars without a license or VSP cannot be driven by just anyone. Indeed, a minimum age is required to be able to travel on public roads. Usually it depends on the type of vehicle. There are two types of VSP or cart. Users have the choice of driving a 2-seater light quadricycle or one 4-seater heavy quadricycle. The first type is an easy to handle vehicle. Parking is just as easy. Indeed, it does not require a lot of space. Therefore, it can be driven by a person aged 14 and over. On the other hand, it is necessary to have at least 16 years old to be able to drive in a 4-seater VSP. In addition, the driver must have a B1 or AM license depending on the case.

Driving a car without a license: what conditions?

In addition to having the minimum age, there are certain conditions to be respected:

• All persons born from 1988 must have a road safety certificate or hold a AM permit to be able to drive a cart. This rule applies for people who do not have an A, A1, B or B1 license. To obtain it, you must validate a road safety certificate in a training center. Then it is necessary to go through a practical 8-hour VSP training. Note that this step is not sanctioned by an exam.
• Individuals born before 1988 can thus drive a PSV unconditionally.
• For able-bodied people, the types of vehicle authorized are heavy or light quadricycles, mopeds, electric cars with a power less than or equal to 1 kW, a forestry or agricultural vehicle, etc.

Failure to comply with these conditions is liable to a penalty in the event of control or problems on the road.

What are the rules to follow ?

Driving a car without a license is regulated. The driver must respect the classic highway code. In addition, the running speed is limited. Indeed, a two-seater VSP cannot travel above 45 km / h. For a car without a four-seater license, this limit is set at 80 km / h. This is why it is forbidden to drive a cart on expressways or highways. In addition, the AM license is not subject to the points license system. On the other hand, the B1 license for four-seater VSPs respects this point system. Thus, one or more points can be withdrawn in the event of an infringement. Otherwise, the driver may be fined, the amount of which is defined by law. The penalties are the same as when driving a classic car.

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