Driver inadvertently performs extraordinary stunt 4

It is hard to believe how this astonishing stunt could have ended.

When we tell you that incredible things happen on the road all the time, we have to believe us. And as in most cases, it is the automatic cameras of some vehicles, installed for insurance reasons, that record the most astonishing scenes.

Here is a new illustration that comes to us from Homeland in California (United States of America). The video is taken from the dashboard of a vehicle driving quietly on a crossroads. Suddenly, a Chevrolet pickup appeared from the left on a dirt section. It rolls fairly fast and negotiates a big turn to the right, which makes it really take off from both wheels on the right side. So much so that the barrel roll seems inevitable after a few tenths of a second.


But at the last moment, the driver manages to avoid tipping thanks to a nice reflex and maximum counter-steering to the left. So there remains an anthology sequence, worthy of a cinematographic stunt …