Driver in shock after escaping impalement 4

When a pole hits your car in the wrong place, you can’t imagine how terrifying the consequences can be.

In principle, the structure, engine and chassis of your car protect you from large external objects. But it can happen that a particularly thin part passes through all the protective layers of the car. In the past, we have seen horrific accidents involving a guardrail crossing the engine compartment into the passenger compartment of the car.

In another genre, the poles crossing the car also represent a particularly distressing risk. And it is certainly not this American driver who will say the opposite, after seeing a long metal rod enter the interior of her SUV through an air conditioning nozzle.

A miracle

She got off the road trying to avoid vehicles on a very snowy road. The post entered as she tapped into a wire mesh spot, crossing the interior of the car inches from her. She was obviously very scared.