Like every week, discover the question related to current events, asked in the TURBO program broadcast on M6 and in partnership with the radio program, RTL Auto Radio.

On this subject : Jaguar has decided to throw in the thermal sponge, to become a 100% electric brand from 2025. Blame it on the accumulated losses, the faltering sales, the health crisis which does not help matters, the group has decided to to reinvent, or rather – in his own words – to re-imagine oneself.

On the program, a new platform and fewer, more high-end models. Land Rover will take a little longer for its trendy transition, but is following suit, with 6 new electric models on the program by the end of the decade, the first as early as 2024.

The group will devote nearly 3 billion euros a year to its re-imagination, which should lead it to carbon neutrality in 2039 and at the same time allow it to become the most profitable luxury car manufacturer in the world.