The preparer, specialized in overpowered Mercedes, has produced some crazy cars over the years …

The German tuner Brabus has forged a legend over the years, and quickly became, after its founding in 1977, the most important preparer of Mercedes after AMG, now part of the Daimler group.

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Brabus B45: front face

Brabus has made a name for itself by grafting overkill mechanics to cars already reworked by AMG, and with a stratospheric price to go with it. Over 700hp C-Class, 800hp E-Class, and even at one time the fastest SUV in the world, by fitting a V12 into the ML55 AMG. Brabus is not afraid of anything!

Extravagant mechanics, an almost discreet exterior

In addition to announcing amazing performances, Brabus reworks the look and finish of Mercedes which pass through his hands. But far from the creations of tuners like Mansory or Gemballa, Brabus knows how to remain more or less reasonable. The important thing is hidden under the hood!

In recent years, the preparer has fun bringing in V12 and V8 900 hp in sedans like the E-Class or the AMG GT 4-door. Proof that Brabus has lost nothing of its grain of madness …

Discover in video our selection of its 10 craziest cars !

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