Diesel for the Renault Captur, it's over 4

The disappearance of Diesel from the Captur range had been planned for some time, it is now done. The small Renault SUV is now only available in gasoline, LPG and PHEV hybrid. Strategy which is especially likely to push the big rollers in the competition … or towards the Mégane.

It looks more and more like a political cleansing. By accusing Diesel of all the evils, we forget that it has become increasingly clean question of particles. And when it comes to C02, like it or not, its emissions are much more advantageous than gasoline with the same displacement and power. Anyway, Renault has indeed withdrawn the Diesel 1.5 Blue dCi from the Captur catalog. Those accustomed to long distances on the motorway will therefore have to either turn to gasoline or hybrids (less profitable for this type of use), or be interested in the Mégane where there is still a Blue DCi 115.

The Captur now begins with the modest TCe 90. Next comes the TCe 100 hp in gasoline / LPG dual fuel, then the 1.3 TCe with 140 hp (certainly the most interesting of the range, in pleasure as in consumption). The 160 hp PHEV E-Tech Hybrid, launched in mid-2020, measures the range of engines (from € 34,850, before € 2,000 bonus).

Simplified range and new RS Line finish

The trim levels are also reviewed. The basic Life version disappears, the entry of the Captur range now being provided by the Zen, which is much better equipped (from € 21,750 with the TCe 90).

Finally, at the top of the catalog, remember that the Captur is available recently in an RS Line finish. Rims, shield, upholstery and interior presentation are of sporting inspiration, with an aluminum crankset or carbon-style decorative inserts for example. A little less expensive than the top of the range Initiale Paris, the RS Line finish requires € 28,400 with the 1.3 TCe 140 hp.