developed like a real BM? 4

2021 is a busy year for BMW, especially with the arrival of a brand new 100% electric model: the i4. The brand has just announced its power and autonomy in addition to a few first photos.

She comes ! After the iX3, which is ultimately only an electrified version of the X3 SUV, BMW will soon present the i4. With a series of images of the car still camouflaged, the Bavarian firm announces today its power and its autonomy: 530 horsepower for the most powerful version and 600 km of autonomy announced. Regarding its appearance, we obviously notice a fairly significant relationship with the all new 4 Series.

For those to whom this might displease, BMW specifies that this new 100% electric sedan will indeed be a real BMW and that it has been developed to offer driving pleasure worthy of a real propeller-driven sedan… and that it can even slide!

Electric DNA

BMW also announces that it is the “first electric car with sports DNA”. And for good reason, the previous “zero emission” models were either a city car (i3) or an SUV (iX3). And above all, it was developed from scratch, despite its appearance close to a Series 4.

The German manufacturer has not yet specified the prices, but we imagine that it will not be cheap, especially for the top-of-the-range version with 530 horsepower. However, more accessible versions should also see the light of day soon after launch. To be continued.