Destroy your car in burnout without typing anything, it's possible 4

No need to lose control and end up in the background to destroy your car while trying to burnout.

The “burnout” technique is one of the most impressive maneuvers to do with a car. Very simple to perform, it consists of making the rear axle of a propulsion (or the front axle of a traction drive) slip by fully accelerating when stationary, with or without foot on the brake to force the car to slip. (in the case of a propulsion).

Sometimes this burnout ends very badly when the driver then begins to move forward without being able to control the car. There are thousands of examples of videos of this type of accident on online video platforms on the internet.

A devastating burnout

But in this case, it wouldn’t even have been necessary to move forward to destroy the car. The differential and the entire rear end of this prepared old Toyota pickup did not withstand the heavy throttle and the arrival of torque. We will have to change the entire rear axle after this particularly failed burnout …