Dacia will launch its communication campaign around the electric Spring and open pre-orders on the occasion of the arrival of spring.

“Spring is coming”: spring is coming, in French, this is the theme of Dacia’s communication around its first 100% electric car, the Spring. The low-cost manufacturer of the Renault group will open the order books of the cheapest electric on the market on Saturday March 20, on the occasion of the transition from winter to spring.

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On this date, you will therefore be able to book your Spring on the manufacturer’s online site. And judging by the success of the latest Sandero, which caused extended delivery times, pre-ordering the Spring might be the way to get it. as quickly as possible.

The Dacia Spring on the test!

Invoiced less than 12,500 € bonus deducted, the Spring promises electric power at the price of gasoline. And behind the wheel, a successful bet? The answer in our video test :

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