Less austere than the Logan, the Dacia Sandero is a good city car at a knockdown price. Here are 5 copies that can be found on the market, for less than 10,000 €.

Present on the market since 2008, the Dacia Sandero is a resounding success thanks to an attractive selling price, a large interior and an image that moves away from the low-cost universe. Good deal in new, it is even more so on the second-hand market where it is present massively.

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Dacia Sandero

Sandero Stepway 1.5 dCI, 2016, 84,224 km

The Stepway is undoubtedly the most wanted of the Sandero. With its raised ground clearance and its specific body kit, it looks like crossover backpacker. In combination with theexcellent dCI engine, this copy is interesting at a price of 8,490 €.

Sandero 0.9 TCe, 2018, 54.313 km

For urban / peri-urban use, the motorization 0.9 TCE 90 represents the best choice in essence. His turbo adds the fishing that the engines lack atmospheric and his consumption remains very low.

Sandero 1.2 16V, 2016, 44,297 km

Fairly old in design, the block 1.2 16V constitutes the offer of based in essence. An engine at the reliability proven which is aimed primarily at those who do not favor performance.

Sandero 1.0 SCe, 2019, 16,859 km

Replacing the old 1.2 16V, the 1.0 SCe was offered at the entry level. This car has the particularity of having only 16,859 km counter. What to ride without worries for years for a budget of less than 10,000 €.

Sandero 1.5 DCi, 2017, 61,400 km

For adults rollers, the DCi diesel engine is interesting. Very sober, he is also economic at the level of taxes. On the other hand, this car seems to be devoid of the air conditioner ; which can be a brake on his resale.

All our Dacia Sandero ads for less than 10,000 euros !

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