Crazy trailer creates lawlessness on the road 4

But how did this trailer end up rolling freely on the highway, hitting other vehicles?

We often see funny things on the road and for that, we can thank the automatic cameras which film constantly (for insurance purposes on some cars). But here, it is not one of these automatic cameras which filmed the scene: seeing a trailer roll by itself in a descent, the passenger of a car had time to take out his phone by reflex and ‘immortalize a not trivial news item.

It is not known where this trailer came from, and how it ended up with such a speed (perhaps this portion of the highway is downhill). But the trailer drives at a much faster speed than other vehicles.

The mystery of the trailer

And it collides violently with a large pick-up which was moving in the right lane of the motorway. Its speed is such that the vehicle deviates from its initial path! So who could have thrown his trailer at the other cars like a turtle shell in Mario Kart? According to the author of the video, the trailer actually detached from a truck.