It’s not just sales that fell in 2020: production collapsed in Europe.

That the Covid will lower vehicle production in Europe in 2020 is no surprise. Between the containments, plant closures, and supply issues in parts, a lack of production was expected. But he is good more spectacular than expected : European production in 2020 stood at 14.1 million vehicles (including utility vehicles), i.e. 4.24 million less than in 2019.

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According to figures from ACEA, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, France is also one of the hardest hit countries by the crisis, whether in terms of percentages or gross volume. Production fell by 38% in the country in 2020, a shortfall of 881,287 vehicles compared to 2019. Only Germany is declining more (-1,192,112 units), but remains largely at the top of the production figures with 3, 4 million cars, or one third of total production in Europe (10.8 million cars)

France is no longer the third largest producer in Europe

France lost its place on the podium of European manufacturers, and slipped to the fifth place, with 861,660 cars produced. It is worse than Spain (1.8 million), the Czech Republic (1.1 million), and Slovakia (950,000).

And if the Covid crisis should gradually fade in 2021, the European industry must face another: the shortage of semiconductors (electronic chips), which has forced many factories to slow down, even as demand is on the rise again.

Source: ACEA via Auto Journal

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