Honda Europe presents an innovation available as a spare part for its models: a high-end cabin filter, capable of capturing germs and viruses such as Covid-19.

Developed in collaboration with the German supplier Freudenberg, this new cabin air filter has several layers, which filter out harmful gases, particles and aerosols. It is effective in retaining many types of harmful germs, allergens as well as viruses that can cause health problems, and it is also effective in prevent the risk of infection with Coronavirus.

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Coronaviruses are spread through the droplets produced by the sneezing, coughing and breathing of infected people, and can therefore be found suspended in the air: this is where the filter comes into action to conserve healthy air in the passenger compartment. According to Honda, it can trap more than 90% of viral aerosols, and has a fourth layer impregnated with an active substance of fruit extract, which inactivates nearly 100% of the viral load captured.

“In view of the fact that society is now more aware than ever of the impact of germs and viruses such as Covid-19, we expect the demand for protection solutions to increase rapidly. “, specifies Pascal Barbat, director of the customer and after-sales division at Honda.

This new cabin filter is marketed by Honda as part of the original spare parts catalog, as an alternative to the standard pollen filter. It is available from Honda dealers, who supply it as well as install it on all recent models of the brand.

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