Can we go and confine ourselves outside of our region? Is a certificate necessary? We will explain everything to you.

On March 31, Emmanuel Macron announced a new series of measures aimed at slowing the progression of Covid-19 in France. Even though the President refused to use the word confinement, it is in practice a generalized return to certification, teleworking, and limited travel, throughout mainland France.

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On the other hand, the executive announced a temporary relaxation of the rules during the Easter weekend, from Saturday April 3 to Monday April 5, which is a public holiday: “whoever wishes to change region to go to isolate themselves can do so during this Easter weekend”, clarified Emmanuel Macron during his speech. You will therefore be able, for the last time before the end of this confinement, to move outside your region to go and confine yourself elsewhere, without worrying about a 10 km limit or a certificate.

Watch out for the curfew!

However, be careful: the 7 p.m. curfew is still in place everywhere in France, and will be followed by checks including this Easter weekend. So be sure to anticipate the time of your departure so as not to find yourself stuck in the many traffic jams which will not fail to be created. After Monday, April 5, inter-regional travel will be strictly prohibited, even to take children to grandparents, for example, to overcome the problem. school closures.

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