Faced with the success of the new Citroën C4, the Stellantis plant in Madrid increased the pace and formed a second production team.

Located in Madrid’s Villaverde district, the Stellantis factory in Madrid is the group’s only production site to assemble all of the new Citroën C4s sold around the world. To respond to a growing demand for the new chevron sedan, Stellantis announced the creation of a second production team.

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Citroën C4: 308 new employees for the new team

To do this, the Spanish factory has recruited no less than 308 new temporary employees, for a minimum period of one year, while 25 fixed-term contracts were transformed into permanent contracts. Depending on demand, these contracts could be extended, and other hires could also be required.

Stellantis specifies that the operators of this new team have received 38,000 hours of training, in order to master the industrial processes necessary for the manufacture of Citroën C4 and ë-C4, which are based on the CMP multi-energy platform. This makes it possible to assemble all its versions (petrol, diesel or electric) on the same production line, and thus meet the growing demand for the electric version: to date, 16% of Citroën C4s produced are 100% electric.

The new Citroën C4 was recently one of the seven finalists for the European Car of the Year 2021 award (Car of the Year), which was ultimately won by the new Toyota Yaris.

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